Who Hates Mother's Day?

Targeting Mother's Day?Over the years, radical feminists have tried to take over America through the traditional route — the election process. By and large, Americans have been able to see past their thin veneer of false compassion and defeat their harmful agenda at the ballot box.

But the feminists have another “hidden” weapon wielded by the United Nations. It is an international U.N. treaty called CEDAW (the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women). If ratified by the Senate, it would become binding on the U.S. and would devalue and harm American women, just as it has already done to women in countries which have ratified CEDAW.

This treaty would detrimentally intrude on Americans' personal decisions, invite frivolous lawsuits and violate national sovereignty. It could impact every aspect of life and place Americans under the supervision of a U.N. committee of "gender experts."

They even want to do away with Mother's Day. Seriously. The U.N.'s CEDAW Committee has already told other countries to stop the celebration. Why? Because, in their twisted opinion, Mother's Day fosters violence against women.

Take a moment to process that. The special day set aside to honor the woman who loves and cares for us actually promotes violence against her? We're sorry. That's just wrong.

And that's not the only thing wrong with this treaty.

CEDAW will pressure us to decriminalize prostitution, put infants in government day care, revise our textbooks to reflect non-stereotypical gender roles, criticize the influence of religion on our society, and — unbelievably — to stop celebrating Mother's Day.

We don't need a United Nations treaty to protect women. The U.S. has strong laws already on the books.

If you want to understand more about what CEDAW actually entails and how it would be such a disastrous harm to America, please visit our Resources page.

We're also gathering signatures on our petition, because the only thing that can keep Americans from being under the thumb of this awful treaty is the U.S. Senate. Please sign this petition to tell your senators to oppose CEDAW.